Frequently asked questions

Curious about transforming your home with professional staging? Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) provide insightful answers to your queries. Learn about the benefits of home staging, how our process works, pricing details, and much more. Get ready to elevate your home's appeal with our proven staging expertise. Explore our comprehensive FAQ section today!

General Questions

1. Can I stage my home myself, or is professional staging really necessary?

While it is possible to do some basic staging yourself, professional home staging offers numerous advantages. Our experienced designers understand buyer preferences, know how to highlight a property's strengths and have access to a variety of furnishings and decor to create a polished and appealing look. This can lead to a faster sale at a potentially higher price point without any hassle on your part.

2. How is the staging process different for show homes compared to vacant properties?

Staging show homes focuses on creating a cohesive and aspirational lifestyle concept that aligns with the target audience's preferences. Our design team considers the demographic and local market trends to curate furnishings and decor that resonate with potential buyers. This includes paying attention to colour schemes, layouts, and small details that create a story within the space.

3. Can builders or developers benefit from professional show-home staging?

Absolutely, builders and developers can greatly benefit from professional show-home staging. A well-staged show home can significantly increase the perceived value of the entire development, helping properties sell faster and potentially at higher prices. It also provides buyers with a memorable experience, which can set your development apart from the competition and attract more interest.

Cost and Process

1. How much does home staging cost?

The cost of home staging varies and is determined by factors like staging purpose (ie.: staging for sale, for HMO/BTL rentals, for serviced accommodation rental), the size of your property, the number of rooms that require staging, and the staging complexity. For properties with up to 3 bedrooms, we usually offer fixed pricing, while those with 4 bedrooms or more receive customised quotes tailored to your unique requirements. Our aim is to deliver economical but not cheap solutions that yield substantial returns on investment, enhancing your property's perceived value effectively.

2. What is included in your stage-to-sell pricing?

Our pricing encompasses a comprehensive 6-week furniture kit rental covering the bedroom, living room, and dining area. Additionally, we provide a dressing and staging accessory pack for the kitchen and bathroom. Our all-inclusive package extends to services such as furniture delivery, assembly, staging, installation, and furniture removal. As an added value, we offer complimentary professional editing for pictures capturing the staged property, ensuring a polished presentation for all our clients.

3. Is it possible to extend the rental period?

Absolutely, you can certainly extend the rental period. Our standard extension allows for an additional 4 weeks.

4. My buyer loved the furnishing used in the staging of the property. Can I or my buyer purchase the furniture after the staging process?

Certainly! It's quite common for either our clients or their buyers to express interest in buying the staged furniture. Feel free to get in touch with us to enquire about pricing for a complete furniture package purchase.